Transaction Advisory Services

When buying or selling a company, it is critical to understand the risk as well as the opportunity inherent in the mergers and acquisitions arena. Barnes Dennig is here to help strategically guide you through intricate transactional decisions.

We understand your objectives and the importance of due diligence. We work with large, medium and small businesses across the economic spectrum and we are able to harness the expertise and knowledge our professionals have gained to provide you with solid financial and transactional advice. We’ll help you see beyond the numbers.

Our transaction advisory services include:

A Master Class with M&A Game-Changer Dino Lucarelli

If you’re considering buying (or selling) a business, there may never have been a better time – believe it or not. But for optimal results, you’ve got to have an in-depth understanding of the process.

Presented by Barnes Dennig and the Northern Kentucky University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s E-TAP Program, this video is part one of a six-part master class by noted M&A expert and MBA professor Dino Lucarelli, CPA will lead you through a roll-up-the-sleeves deep dive that will help you build the right foundation for your transaction, whether you’re buying, selling, or looking at the options.

View the rest of the sessions on-demand here.