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Avoid Tax Surprises. Win the Day.

Surprises are the last thing you want during a merger or acquisition. And few – if any – surprises are worse than surprise taxes that can often lead to a long-term escrow arrangement, or even worse, kill a deal altogether

Tax due diligence can help you avoid that unpleasantness. Often overlooked by buyers or acquirers in a merger or acquisition, tax due diligence is a comprehensive review of the different types of taxes that may be imposed upon an organization and the taxing jurisdictions it might fall under.

Tax rules are complex and constantly evolving. A deal structure may look fine on paper, but without a rigorous review of the tax situation, you might end up with less-than-ideal tax consequences. And not only can you avoid surprises, but the information gathered during the due diligence process might uncover opportunities to apply more favorable tax rules and enhanced tax opportunities.

Our tax team has extensive experience in analyzing federal, state, and local tax issues, and applying these rules appropriately. We can perform a tax “checkup” as well as full tax due diligence.

Learn more about our tax due diligence process and how it can help mitigate the risk of a hefty tax bill you didn’t see coming. And if you’re looking for tax due diligence, you might also need financial due diligence – find out more about that process.

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Many years with the firm. I’ve gone through a sales transition, and it was more complicated financially than I thought – and Barnes Dennig walked me through it.

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Exceptional service by high quality individuals.

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