Operational Review

Work Smarter, Surge Ahead

Ask any endurance athlete. In a long race against stiff competition, efficiency is your friend. The smallest adjustments — a lighter shoe, a longer stride — can end up giving you the victory.

In business, as in sports, it takes an experienced coach to find and fix all the things that could slow you down. And Barnes Dennig is one of the best coaches around.

With an operational review from our team of professionals, you’ll get the advice you need to perform at peak efficiency. So you can be the best at the business you’re in.

So many ways to win

We’ll analyze your processes and procedures to help eliminate waste, minimize risk, and boost your productivity. Specifically, we’ll examine the way you:

  • Process orders
  • Structure transactions
  • Organize workflow
  • Partner with suppliers and customers
  • Measure and reward performance
  • View your capacity and constraints

Wherever we find issues, from internal controls to IT, you’ll see the impact of improvements across your enterprise.

The tools and tenacity to stay on top

After your operational review, our professionals will prepare a summary of their findings organized by function. They’ll meet with your management to discuss their recommendations, answering any questions that arise.

But the process doesn’t stop there. It can’t. Success in business is a moving target. Hitting it consistently takes focus, strategy, and long-term commitment. And those are Barnes Dennig’s greatest strengths.

We’re committed to seeing beyond the numbers to keep you profitable, year after year.

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What Our Clients Say

“Barnes Dennig is awesome.”

– Lisa W., Business Manager

“In prior roles I worked with 2 different Big 8 firms. Barnes Dennig prepares the documents you need in the time frame you need at a very moderate cost. They provide appropriate education on matters related to the operation of your individual firm, and to the potential effects on your individual firm of broad changes in policy.”

– Michael D., Manager of Client Accounts

"Our company has had a long and productive relationship with Barnes Dennig Accounting and Tax professionals and have always been given excellent service and great advice."

– Barnes Dennig Client, 2020