Tax Due Diligence

A critical component of any assessment of a company, including a potential acquisition or sale, or succession plan, is understanding the tax posture of the company and examining the historical compliance with tax regulations.  Further, this process will provide information regarding opportunities to apply more favorable tax rules and enhanced tax opportunities for the company.  Tax rules in this area are complex and constantly evolving. While a due diligence process may be undertaken to measure compliance, additional tax due diligence is often warranted in the case of a pending sale or succession plan transaction.  A deal structure may look fine on paper, but when subjected to a rigorous review of tax consequences, may result in suboptimal tax consequences.

No business plan is complete without a comprehensive review and analysis of tax regulations and the company’s ability to optimize its position professionally and responsibly. Barnes Dennig’s tax experts have deep experience in analyzing federal, state, and local tax issues, and applying these rules appropriately, including performing a tax ‘check up’ as well as in cases of mergers and acquisitions and succession planning. No deal structure is complete until the tax consequences have been analyzed and optimized to the benefit of the business owner.

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