Growth/Succession Planning

Are you heading in the direction you want to go? Do you have actionable ways to get there when you want to? Whether your organization is winding up for big growth, or winding down for your retirement, a plan is the best way to make it happen.

Preparing a successful growth or succession plan requires a detailed understanding of the organization, the operations, and the financial issues facing the company. Understanding how these components fit together and the drivers for growth in a particular entity requires comprehensive understanding and experience of the internal and external drivers facing the company. Getting a head start on this plan is an important element to doing it right. Often, a properly implemented growth or succession plan can span several months or years. Companies seeking to enable significant growth or otherwise provide succession plan often lack the skills necessary to set forth a plan and drive that plan. Barnes Dennig can assist in putting together the plan as well as monitoring the success of such a plan. When done right, the succession can happen seamlessly and with optimal tax consequences.

We have the experience you need to form a strategy and the financial and accounting background you need to create executional tactics that add up to your goal.

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