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Pricing – It All Depends On You

There’s no organization quite like yours. And you want an advisory, tax, and accounting firm that understands that. One that sees the bigger picture and is always thinking of ways to make your life simpler and more profitable.

That’s the way we work.

Through shared insights and candid conversations, we’ll build a strong relationship that supports your goals. Many of the things Barnes Dennig does to add value to your operations won’t come with a price tag. And when you do receive a bill, it won’t come as a surprise.

Your costs will be tailored to your organization, your project, and other factors unique to you. Which is why, in order to talk about pricing, we really have to get to know you.

Pricing FAQs

In the meantime, here are a few things we can say about pricing topics of interest to many clients:

Q: What do you take into account when pricing a project?

A: For any given job, our pricing may be based upon a number of factors, including:

  • The complexity of the work
  • The scope of services involved
  • The level of staff expertise required
  • The amount of time it will take

Q: Will you charge me every time I call you with a question?
A: Absolutely not.

Certainly not every call.  The value we bring is directly linked to how well we know you and that requires an investment of time on our part.  Maybe you’re calling us to ask a specific question, troubleshoot, or get our advice about something. Maybe we’re calling you to share an idea or just to check in. It all leads to the transformational breakthroughs that will really help your organization thrive.  As issues arise that require a deeper dive, we’ll discuss the need to invest time to develop thoughtful recommendations and we’ll be clear when fees will be generated.

That’s why it’s called value-added, after all.

Q: Do you offer any free resources to your clients?

A: Yes. We love giving our clients all kinds of industry, operational, tax, and accounting insights they can use to grow their operations.

Every year, we conduct original research studies you can access anytime at no charge. And we’ll keep you connected and informed with a constant stream of:

  • Live webinars
  • Live hybrid events for industry leaders and clients
  • On-demand events
  • Blogs\ posts (multiple times a month)
  • Ask the Experts videos (multiple times a month)
  • QuickTest tax credit surveys

Q: I run a non-profit, and our budget is tight. Will you still be able to help my organization?   

A: Of course.

At Barnes Dennig, we make a conscious effort to support the missions of not-for-profits. We’ve built a large, efficient not-for-profit practice to make the most of every dollar you invest in our services. The result? Proven expertise and more money for your cause.

Our commitment to not-for-profits and the great work they do to better our communities also shows in the fees we charge organizations like yours.  And those are just a few of the ways our firm — and our team— work toward a better, brighter world.

Invest in your future.

Contact us today.


I appreciate the way the firms bills for services. The fees for the compliance work I feel are very commensurate with work being done. I appreciate not feeling gouged for the review and tax work. I also feel that your firm works very efficiently so you can bring your clients a streamlined service. I am more than willing to pay for services if we use additional time throughout the year. Other firms try and recapture that time in the compliance work and then it seems inflated.

— Barnes Dennig Client, 2022

An extremely well-run firm that cares for its clients and does accurate and timely work at a reasonable price.

— Barnes Dennig Client, 2022

I have used Barnes Dennig for nearly 20 years and they are simply the best!

— Charlie C., President & CEO

We make a measurable difference for our clients.

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