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Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Reports

See how your organization stacks up

Attracting and retaining top talent is a relentless challenge, and the issue tops the list of concerns for organizations across virtually every industry. To help you build and maintain a competitive advantage in the talent wars, we’ve developed a series of compensation and benefits benchmarking studies.

We conduct original research across our region, and use aggregated industry data and our decades of experience to uncover insights, provide valuable context, and spot trends occurring across your industry – providing in-depth insights you can use to gain and maintain an edge on your competition.

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Construction Benchmarking Report

Benchmark Your Construction Company

Charting a Blueprint for Success

What are other contractors in our region paying by position? What compensation and bonus strategies are they using? What benefits are they using to control costs and retain top talent?

Our biennial construction compensation, benefits, and benchmarking study answers these questions and many more – great information you can use to build a competitive advantage.

Our 2022 study of 73 local general and specialty contractors found:

  • Gross revenue per FTE is $475,319.
  • A general contractor president/CEO has 16.2 years of experience; 56% total compensation stems from bonus and/or commission.
  • Of the companies that pay bonuses, only 59% calculate bonuses using the discretionary method as opposed to 40% using company goal.
  • The percentage of companies providing 401(k) matches decreased slightly from 88% in 2020 to 80% this year.
  • 92% of contractors list attracting and retaining qualified personnel as their top challenge in 2022, up from 87% in 2020.

This 50-plus page report examines financial benchmarks, compensation by job title, benefits provided, and issues facing the industry. Both union and non-union workplaces are included and participants’ sales range from less than $5 million to more than $100 million.

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Manufacturing Benchmarking Report

Benchmark Your Manufacturing Company

A Manufacturer’s Agile Path to Competitive Advantage.

Watch the highlights from our results reveal above, or view the whole event here.

Building a competitive advantage

Manufacturers continually reevaluate compensation and benefits packages to remain competitive with top talent while also controlling rising costs. From compensation by title to benefits offered to employees to company operations, our biennial manufacturing compensation & benefits benchmarking study–“Gearing Up for Success”–looks at these trends and much more.

Our 2023 study of 85 regional manufacturers found:

  • CFOs in smaller companies earned total compensation of $165,356, which is about $48,499 less than paid at larger companies.
  • Healthcare costs increased by 6% on average in 2022.
  • 66% respondents offer an HSA, while 44% of those companies make a flat dollar amount contribution directly to the employee’s HSA.
  • Key metrics used by manufacturers include net/percentage of sale, EBITA, and inventory turnover among others.
  • Larger companies work 8.6% overtime annually; companies with fewer than 100 employees work 6.5% overtime annually.

This 47-page report looks at companies with under 100 employees as well as those with over 100 employees. Public, private, and family-owned workplaces in both union and non-union settings are included, and participants’ sales range from less than $5 million to more than $250 million.

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Not-For-Profit Benchmarking Report

Are You Prepared to Handle Your Organization’s Future?

Are you competitive with other area not-for-profits? Are the compensation and benefits you offer in line? What activities are others using to raise funds? What goals and roles do other organizations task their board with? Our not-for-profit compensation, benefits & benchmarking study helps you “put all of the pieces together” by diving deeper into these trends and much more.

Our 2023 study of 99 regional non-profit organizations found:

  • Staffing will remain the same or increase for 91% of organizations. Of social or human services organizations, 43% are planning to increase their staff levels.
  • The average salary for an executive director/president/CEO was$148,685.
  • Fifty-two percent (52%) of organizations offer only a PPO plan, 34% offer only a High Deductible Plan
  • A majority of non-profit organizations have a board comprised of more than 11 members, while 25% have fewer than 10.
  • Just 47% of respondents provide formal training around threats to information technology.

This 50 plus page report looks at organizations with fewer than 10 employees to those that have more than 200 employees. Respondents work with small budgets under $2.5 million and budgets over $10 million.


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Wholesale/ Distribution Benchmarking Report

Benchmark Your Wholesale Distribution Company

Supplying Success to Distributors

To attract top talent, wholesaler-distributors need to understand what their competitors are paying their employees and what benefits they offer. Our biennial wholesale distribution compensation & benefits benchmarking study–“Supplying Success to Distributors”–looks at pay scales by position, compensation strategies and industry trends.

Our 2022 study of 45 regional wholesale distribution companies found:

  • One third of respondents will hire additional employees this year.
  • A warehouse manager at a company with more than 50 employees earns a base salary of $74,359, with nearly half of respondents providing a bonus on top of that amount.
  • The number one issue facing wholesaler-distributors is the impact of COVID-19, followed by hiring and retention.
  • The average Return on Total Assets (ROTA) is 10.35%, with ROTA equaling 9.5% for smaller companies and 11.9% for companies with greater than 50 employees.
  • 89% offer a 401(k) plan, a decrease from 93% in 2018.

This 37 page report looks at companies with more than 50 employees, and those with fewer than 50 employees representing companies with local, national and international presence.

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2022 Employee Benefit Plan 401(k) Benchmarking Report

Benefit Plan 401(k) Benchmarking Report


What are the top trends in 401(k) plans and plan management? How are strategies evolving? And what steps are businesses and non-profits taking to help their employees be retirement-ready?

Every three years, we survey organizations of all different sizes across industries to identify trends, topics, and new ideas that are helping attract and retain talent – and help employees prepare for a successful retirement. In this infographic, and the full report, we’ll share their answers and compare trends to the findings in the 2018 edition of our study.


We surveyed companies across a range of industries as well as not-for-profits asking 25 key questions on multiple topics, including plan size, success and success factors, operations and management, and satisfaction (both employer and employee).

The survey was conducted online in the third quarter of 2021. 128 companies and non-profits responded – nearly double the participation of the 2018 survey.

Please note that many of the percentages indicated do not total 100% due to rounding and to a small number of participants indicating “other,” or responding that they are unsure of their organization’s industry.

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