SOC Readiness Assessment

Do Your Controls Measure Up?

You need a SOC report, but you’re wondering if you’ll pass.

Put your mind at ease with a SOC readiness assessment – we can help identify gaps in controls and provide advice on how to close them.

We’ll review your existing documentation, determine the testing necessary to verify control effectiveness, and conduct a practice SOC examination that will let you know whether or not you’re ready for the real thing.

Can’t watch the video now? Download a transcript here.

And it’s okay if the test doesn’t come back perfect. Most organizations will need to firm up some controls before the actual examination. We’ll work with you to make sure the proper steps are taken so you’ll be ready when the actual examination begins.

We’ve guided many companies through the SOC reporting process by helping them understand the key controls to have in place and testing the effectiveness of policies and procedures.

We use a simple file sharing and project management tool to communicate specific details on each open item. This provides project status graphs at the push of a button and can assign specific items to different people, making it easy for your team to collaborate with our team.

Before you undergo your first or next SOC examination, contact us to see if your controls measure up. Learn more about SOC reports, what they mean and their impact on various stakeholders by reading our SOC FAQs.