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To reach the top and stay there, your business has to keep improving. There are problems to solve. Processes to refine. When time is tight or you’re out of ideas, it just makes sense to add someone new to the conversation.

Who you add makes all the difference. That’s why so many companies and organizations have chosen Barnes Dennig.

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Accounting Standards Consulting

You rely on your team to keep your company’s financial reporting in order. But with accounting rules becoming increasingly complex and the rate of change accelerating, how can you be sure you’re keeping up? And the stakes are even higher when you’re working with lenders and funders – they need a higher degree of validation, and first impressions count when you’re making your case. When you work with Barnes Dennig’s accounting consultants, you, and your financial statement users, can have confidence in your numbers. Learn more.

Business Valuation Services

Whether you’re buying, selling, gifting, estate planning, or simply need a clear assessment of fair market value, Barnes Dennig’s seasoned team of Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs) can provide an accurate, independent business valuation. With experience in virtually every industry, our CPAs provide the insights you need to optimize your business and financial objectives. Learn more.

Cost Segregation Study

An effective cost segregation study can help you speed up depreciation on purchases of existing structures, new construction, expansion, or renovation by reclassifying some building components and frontloading your savings into a five- to 15-year period – instead of the typical 27 – 39 years. Talk to one of our cost segregation specialists to see how you can optimize your project and start recouping more of your investment, faster. Learn more.

Fraud and Forensic Services

The realization that something is “off” in your books is devastating – and it happens much more frequently than you might think. Barnes Dennig’s fraud and forensics team can help you get to the bottom of it – and put safeguards in place to help protect your assets and prevent it from happening again. Learn more.

International Tax and Assurance

There’s a world of opportunity out there – literally. And to out-maneuver your global competition, you’ve got to be poised to make the most of every advantage. Whether you’re opening a distribution center abroad, a foreign company establishing U.S. operations, need to implement International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or selling, sourcing, or licensing products on an international basis, our international team of professionals can help you translate potential into profit. Learn more.

PPP Loan & ERTC Consulting

If you’re struggling to navigate the uncertain landscape of PPP loans and the Employee Retention Credit (ERTC), you’re not alone. Barnes Dennig’s COVID-19 Advisory Team has up-to-the-minute insights on relief legislation and what it means for your business or organization. They’ve helped more than 400 companies and organizations maximizing funding, tax credits, and PPP loan forgiveness. To date, not a single PPP loan they’ve handled has been denied forgiveness – or even had an adjustment on loan calculations.

Research & Experimentation

Is your company continually finding ways to improve its business processes? Have you made a product or service better, faster, or more cost-effective? If you think, “Oh, that’s just part of the job,” think again. The U.S. tax code offers an incentive for companies that innovate: the Research & Experimentation (R&E) tax credit. You could qualify for a share of the roughly $9 billion awarded yearly. And, if you’re eligible, the Barnes Dennig tax team can help you secure it. Learn more.

Sales Tax Compliance Management

Between the Supreme Court’s South Dakota v. Wayfair ruling and pandemic-fueled exponential growth in online sales, the sales tax compliance burden has fundamentally changed. There are a lot of great reasons to outsource this critical business task – reduced risk, reduced cost, and better utilization of employee time and expertise. But the greatest reason is peace of mind. Our sales tax compliance professionals help you avoid large fees and penalties, or worse, being assessed for uncollected sales tax. Learn more.

SOC Reporting

If you’re a technology or cloud service provider, trust is a crucial asset. Whether you’re in the B2B, SaaS, or data centers space, or serving healthcare or banking industries, you handle all kinds of confidential data – like HIPAA and PCI DSS. Your customers need and deserve to know their data is safe in your hands. How can you prove your systems are up to the task? With an assurance report from the dedicated SOC team at Barnes Dennig. From SOC reporting readiness assessments to SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reports, our experienced team of SOC-reporting specialist CPAs will provide the assurance you need to build your customers’ confidence. Learn more.

Tax Credits & Incentives

From federal programs like the Employee Retention Tax Credit to state job creation tax credits and even local incentive programs, the Tax Credits & Incentives team at Barnes Dennig can help you make the most of every opportunity – helping you maximize your cash flow, so you can put resources toward growing your business. Learn more.

Transaction Advisory Services

Sales, mergers, and acquisitions carry the promise of new beginnings. But they’re also risky, full of complex transactional decisions. Whatever your company’s size or net worth, Barnes Dennig can help you navigate those decisions with confidence. Our Transaction Advisory Services team has decades of in-depth experience that will guide you through the process and help you make your best deal – and create the foundation for ongoing business success. Learn more.

Wealth Management

You have big plans for every stage of your life. Funding your kids’ education. Giving to causes you care about. Retiring comfortably. And finally, leaving a legacy. Money is personal, like your dreams. So, when you’re looking for guidance in managing your personal wealth, take a serious look at Barnes Dennig. We may already be helping you with corporate tax or accounting strategies. You’ve seen our innovations transform your bottom line. You know us. We understand you, your business, and many of your goals. So tell us where else you’d like your money to take you. Because when you trust your navigator, you can relax and enjoy the ride. Learn more.

Client Accounting & Advisory Services (also called Fractional Accounting Services)

In business, change is a constant. Each day brings a fresh round of routine tasks and unforeseen challenges. Managing both is crucial. But what if you lack the budget to hire someone to do it properly? Call in the Barnes Dennig Client Accounting and Advisory Services team (CAAS, for short). Whether you’re starting up, expanding, or changing direction, we have the business and accounting knowledge and problem-solving muscle to keep you competitive – and get you ahead of the game. Learn more.

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