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Estate Planning Is for Everyone

Thanks to Hollywood, “estate plan” may conjure up images of a family all dressed in black, sitting in a dark, wood-paneled library in a sprawling mansion, and listening to a deceased relative’s lawyer while wondering who’s going to inherit the yacht.

While that may make for great cinema, it’s hardly the reality for most people. But that doesn’t mean an estate plan isn’t — Estate planning is for everyone. 

Own a home? Have banking and investment accounts? Life insurance? Own a business? If you answered yes to any of these, you have an estate. And that means you need an estate plan.

An estate plan is a strategy for how money, property, and other assets will be handled or distributed after your passing or if you cannot manage them due to health or other concerns. It involves various financial records, legal documents, and other arrangements tailored to your unique life.

It typically includes documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. These tools ensure assets are distributed according to your wishes, minimize taxes, and provide financial security for your loved ones. Estate plans may also involve naming guardians for minor children and designating beneficiaries for financial accounts and insurance policies.

Importantly, estate planning is not a one-time task. Regular review and updates ensure the plan aligns with changing circumstances and laws.

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Whether you are new to estate planning or are looking to update your current plan, Barnes Dennig’s Estate Planning team ensures your plan fits your today… and your tomorrow.

Our experienced estate and trust planning professionals take the time to understand your personal and professional goals. We’ll review any estate planning documents you have in place now, identify gaps, and recommend ways to improve your plan for even greater financial security and peace of mind.

We’ll collaborate with you and your attorney to put all the pieces in place. We’ll also connect you with our team of accountants, tax advisors, business valuation consultants, exit planners, and wealth managers to protect your family or business, reduce taxes, and maximize your estate’s potential.

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Barnes Dennig  does not engage in the drafting of trust documents. Please consult with your legal professional regarding setting up a trust.

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