Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying, selling, or merging companies can be complex not only in operational and accounting issues, but also in tax matters. Mergers and acquisitions require the highest level of financial sophistication and experience to optimize the results for the company. As such, Barnes Dennig’s mergers and acquisitions practice encompasses a team approach of accounting experts, tax experts, and transaction professionals to accomplish this complex result. Generally, the most important asset any business owner has is his business, Barnes Denning has a special emphasis and team focused on this arena.

Services range from providing acquisition search processes, structured auction processes for selling, preparing ‘readiness-for-sale’ assessment plans for company seeking to sell, capital raising and due diligence services as well as valuation services related to a proposed transaction.


Buy-Side Capabilities

  • Work with strategic or financial buyers to create a framework of business looking to acquire.
  • Identify acquisition targets
  • Perform valuation to establish a target price
  • Assist in Letter of Intent creation
  • Manage due diligence process
  • Structure deal terms
  • Secure financing
  • Negotiate final deal terms


Sell-Side Capabilities

  • Identify goals and objectives to create an exit strategy
  • Perform valuation to establish a target price
  • Perform in-house due diligence and prepare marketing materials
  • Market company confidentially
  • Schedule and conduct site visits
  • Secure and qualify multiple offers
  • Coordinate and manage due diligence process
  • Work with an attorney to draft a definitive purchase agreement

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