Wholesale Benchmarking Study

Wholesale/Distribution Benchmarking Report

Benchmark Your Wholesale Distribution Company
Supplying Success to Distributors

To attract top talent, wholesaler-distributors need to understand what their competitors are paying their employees and what benefits they offer. Our biennial wholesale distribution compensation & benefits benchmarking study–“Supplying Success to Distributors”–looks at pay scales by position, compensation strategies and industry trends.

Our 2018 study of 46 local wholesale distribution companies found:

  • More than half of respondents will hire additional employees this year.
  • A warehouse manager at a company with more than 50 employees earns a base salary of $68,037, with nearly half of respondents providing a bonus on top of that amount.
  • The number one issue facing wholesaler-distributors is attracting and retaining qualified personnel.
  • The average Return on Total Assets (ROTA) is 11.1%, with ROTA equaling 10.3% for smaller companies and 13.3%.
  • 93% of companies offer a 401(k) plan, an increase from 85% in 2016.

This 52 page report looks at companies with more than 50 employees and those with fewer than 50 employees representing companies with local, national and international presence.

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