Forecasts and Projections

Proper business planning is critical to sustaining business success. Preparation of projections requires analysis of external as well as internal industry trends. Converting great ideas into profitability requires a firm grasp of revenue and expense items, as well as ongoing capital and funding needs of the company. Properly prepared projections will provide an understanding of the cash flows of the company as well as a roadmap of the level of debt and equity funding necessary to achieve the business plan. A simple revenue and expense projection fall far short of a professionally prepared and supported profit plan, balance sheet, and cash flow analysis. To stay on track, businesses today need monthly projections of revenue, expense, assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, and cash flow.

On a monthly basis, the company should be able to measure actuals against the plan. Barnes Denning possesses the resources to prepare short term and long-term forecasts based on a variety of analytical inputs. Proper forecasts go well beyond income and expense and roll all the way through the balance sheet to enable proper cash flow planning. Additionally, thorough forecasting methods enable real-time analysis of positive and negative trends, prompting management action to sustain positive trends and mitigate negative trends.

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