Manufacturing Benchmarking Report

Manufacturing Benchmarking Report

Benchmark Your Manufacturing Company
Know what you have to do to “Get Into High Gear”

Manufacturers continually reevaluate compensation and benefits packages to remain competitive to top talent while also controlling rising costs. From compensation by title to benefits offered employees to company operations, our biennial manufacturing compensation & benefits benchmarking study–“Get Into High Gear”–looks at these trends and much more.

Our 2017 study of 85 local manufacturers found:

  • CFOs in smaller companies earned total compensation of $181,816, which is about $42,500 less than paid at larger companies.
  • Healthcare costs increased by 8% on average.
  • Over half of respondents offer an HSA.
  • Key metrics used by manufacturers include net/percentage of sale, EBITA and inventory turnover among others.
  • Larger companies work 10.1% overtime annually while companies with fewer than 100 employees work 7.6% overtime annually.

This 50 plus page report looks at companies with under 100 employees as well as those with over 100 employees. Public, private and family-owned workplaces in both union and non-union settings are included, and participants’ sales range from less than $5 million to more than $250 million.

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