Segregation of Duties Testing

Ensuring Job Functions are Segregated

No one wants to think about an employee stealing from them. You like your employees. Know them personally. Trust them. Yet, internal fraud happens every day. You can lower the odds of it happening to you by making sure job duties are well segregated. If you have changed staff, made upgrades to software or use different technology, you should review your processes. Often, in these cases, segregation of duties is not enforced as consistently as intended.

Even if you are a small business, we can help you protect your business with effective segregation of duties. To help ensure segregation of duties, we will thoroughly document your business process, match the process with the job description and ensure that software settings only allow employees to complete the tasks necessary to perform their jobs. We’ll test a wide variety of internal controls including things like:

  • Control activities
  • Separate authorization, recordkeeping and custody of related assets
  • Online banking

We inform you if your processes performed as expected and provide recommendations for improvement. Feedback about people and infrastructure will also be included in the report.

Segregation of Duties Testing Experience: We have extensive experience developing and testing internal controls  as well as IT controls  for a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations. In the case where fraud is suspected, our fraud and forensic services team can investigate your fears.

Don’t become a victim of fraud. You can trust your employees while ensuring job functions are segregated. Contact us and ask how.