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Unlock the Door to Compliance and Tax Savings

If your company is thriving, you know success can cut both ways when it comes to taxes. Maybe you like to play it safe. Maybe you prefer to build momentum by pursuing tax savings and reinvesting it in your business.

But what if your options weren’t so black and white?

Ask Barnes Dennig. Our tax professionals have the knowledge and experience to minimize your tax burden within the letter of the law. They’ll help you open doors you may not have noticed.

The key is in the code

At Barnes Dennig, we know the tax code backward and forward. We know what it forbids and what it allows. We understand its nuances and the legislation that’s shaping it. We know precisely how the tax code affects your industry and your company’s bottom line

And we’re not just masters of minutia. Barnes Dennig tax professionals use all that data to build a deep understanding of the global tax environment. The perspective they share with you is rooted in the code and their years of experience interpreting it.

Our people hold the key

At Barnes Dennig, we believe in the value of long-term relationships — with you, our employees, and the community at large. We’ve built a corporate culture that inspires our professionals to do their best. So they work smarter and stay with us longer. All of that benefits you. But not just you.

Successful companies create jobs. Jobs support families and breathe life into communities. The tax savings we find for you can set all that in motion.

That’s what we mean by “seeing beyond the numbers.”

What we do

Your dedicated Barnes Dennig tax team will conduct regular, comprehensive reviews of your company’s federal, state, and local tax landscape.

Our team includes former members of the IRS. If you’re ever faced with an IRS audit or state income or sales tax audit, they have the experience to represent you before the tax authorities. They’ll also help you:

  • Gather and present the necessary documentation
  • Find and correct any errors
  • Maintain communication with the taxing authorities

As your business grows, your tax scenario will grow more complex. It makes sense to choose tax advisors who can handle whatever comes your way.

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I consider Barnes Dennig an important business partner. Cheryl and her team are very knowledgeable, responsive and proactive on local tax issues.

— Duane O., Vice President & CFO

Employees at Barnes Dennig are thorough and do an amazing job. They are always helpful and go out of their way to provide excellent service.

— Christina W., Accounting Director

The folks at Barnes Dennig work diligently to understand our business thereby enabling them to provide valuable advice beyond the nuts-and-bolts of accounting.

— Zach P., CFO

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