Transfer Pricing

Staying in Compliance with Transfer Pricing Regulations

You’ve moved some of your business internationally – and now want to move some of your supplies, services, or intellectual property there too. This seemingly simple practice might actually be a big headache – and an even bigger tax burden.

It all comes down to the transfer price.

The transfer price is used in transactions between companies and their subsidiaries, but also between the same company operating in different countries. There are regulations in place to keep multinational companies from manipulating those transfer prices and shifting profits to lower-tax countries.

Consequently, there are transfer pricing standards and documentation requirements to meet. Get them wrong and you open yourself up for an audit. That’s where Barnes Dennig can help.

We can set your transfer pricing and file your documentation to ensure compliance and reduce the odds your transfer pricing will be audited. We can also look strategically at your operations for a tax-efficient structure that minimizes your global tax burden and maximizes profits.

We offer a full range of transfer pricing services, including:

  • Economic benchmarking
  • Developing global transfer pricing policies
  • Planning cost-sharing arrangements for intellectual property
  • Planning for comprehensive transfer pricing documentation

See how we can help you with transfer pricing and other unique challenges of global businesses. Then contact us for a free consultation with one of our top international tax pros. You’ll be glad you did.