Foreign Entity Structuring

Improving Tax Positions with the Right Entity Structure

You have a great product or service. It helps many people, but there are more people around the world that can benefit. You begin to wonder if you should conduct business in a new country. As you ponder that decision, there is another question you should be asking yourself. How will this decision impact your tax position? This question is equally important for businesses that are looking to make a foreign acquisition as part of their business strategy.

How you structure your operations can have a big impact on your tax obligations. If you have the wrong structure, it could cost you a lot of money, putting your company at a disadvantage. As part of our holistic approach, we assess your global strategy to determine the optimal tax efficient global structure. A cost benefit analysis relating to holding company structures, financing structures, the use of “check the box” planning (entity classification elections) and foreign tax credits will be conducted to minimize your company’s worldwide tax. The following are some of the foreign entity structuring services we provide:

  • Advanced entity planning and selection
  • International tax structuring
  • Ongoing tax planning
  • Tax consulting on cross-border transactions
  • Transfer pricing consulting
  • Reorganizing your business to incorporate international operations
  • Expanding your business globally
  • Tax efficient financing
  • Export structuring
  • Acquisition structuring:
    • Strategic planning for entity placement
    • Planning the most tax-efficient financing structure
    • Planning for cross-border mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and organic expansion
    • Planning for flow-through business entities

Foreign Entity Structuring Experience: By looking at your global goals strategically, our team will help you with entity selection and acquisition structuring. We work to make the process smoother and share the insights you need to make the best business decisions. Our membership in Allinial Global allows us to tap additional resources for assistance with unique or unusual challenges.

As you develop and implement your global strategy, contact us for help selecting your most tax-advantageous entity structure.