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Going Global? Find the Right Entity Structure

It’s easier than ever to do business anywhere in the world. Naturally, more and more US-based companies are looking to do just that – be it by taking their own products to a foreign market or through a foreign acquisition.

One of the earliest – and most important – things to consider before going global, however, is how this new venture will impact your tax situation. After all, you’ll be under the scrutiny of not just one tax regulator, but two or more.

Here’s where Barnes Dennig can help.

We understand the nuances of foreign market expansion, and how to set organizations up for global success. First and foremost, we know that how you structure your operations can have a big impact on your tax obligations both domestically and internationally. The wrong entity structure could cost you a lot of money, putting your company at a disadvantage in each place you operate.

As part of our holistic approach, we can assess your global strategy to determine the optimal tax-efficient structure. We can walk your organization through a full cost-benefit analysis that looks at holding company structures, financing structures, the use of “check the box” planning (entity classification elections), and foreign tax credits to minimize your company’s worldwide tax. We work to make the process smooth and we’ll share the insights you need to make the best decisions for your organization.

And once you’re ready, we’re poised to help with a full range of entity structuring needs:

  • Advanced entity planning and selection
  • International tax structuring
  • Ongoing tax planning
  • Tax consulting on cross-border transactions
  • Transfer pricing consulting
  • Reorganizing your business to incorporate international operations
  • Expanding your business globally
  • Tax-efficient financing
  • Export structuring
  • Acquisition structuring

Plus, our membership in Allinial Global – an award-winning association of independent accounting and consulting firms – taps you into additional resources to find solutions to unique or unusual global challenges.

See how we can help select your most tax-advantageous entity structure.

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See how we can help select your most tax

advantageous entity structure

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