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Technology has made it easier, faster, and more affordable than ever for people to buy the things they need.
But technology is a mixed blessing for many wholesale & distribution companies. It’s accelerated their already fast-paced industry. It’s also helped create new competition. Major players like Amazon have their own platforms for wholesale & distribution as well as transportation & logistics. And many large retailers now buy their goods directly from manufacturers.

Meeting the escalating needs of your customers (and theirs) means finding new ways to grow and stay competitive. That’s why calling Barnes Dennig is such a smart move.

“Wait,” you may be thinking. “A CPA firm?”

Prepare to be amazed.

Who we help

Our wholesale and distribution clients vary widely in size, with annual revenues from under $10 million to more than $300 million. They include:

  • Closely-held entities
  • Entities with foreign-based parent companies
  • Entities with private equity and venture capital investors

Just-in-time tactics

In your fast-paced, changing industry, details matter in so many ways. They hold the key to raising fill rates and limiting stock-outs.

When you work with Barnes Dennig, details can also hold the key to untapped resources. The professionals on our Wholesale & Distribution team will thoroughly analyze your business to uncover hidden opportunities. These men and women are more than just accountants and tax professionals. They have a deep understanding of your industry and your company’s goals, so they can:

  • Minimize your tax burden
  • Boost your efficiency
  • Lower your operating costs

The savings you discover could fund a crucial investment, like staffing in an area of growth or a system upgrade that makes you more competitive.

Vision and value

Daily operations can fill your head with numbers, 24/7/365. But it’s hard to be able to step back and consider what those mean — let alone do anything about it. That’s why Barnes Dennig can be such an important ally.

Simply put, Barnes Dennig sees beyond the numbers. We understand what they signify and develop strategies that turn them to your advantage. Just as importantly, we know that what fuels success can’t be expressed in numbers alone. It’s the trust, respect, and insight we build with you as we work together. And that is powerful stuff.

The services you need, when you need them

Wholesalers and distributors at all stages of development count on us for services like:

Consultants without borders

Do you have facilities in other countries? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Our team has plenty of experience with international taxes. And as members of Allinial Global — a worldwide network of accounting professionals — we also have direct access to colleagues at accounting firms across the globe. No matter what issues you face, or where, we have professionals in place who know the law, know the market, and can help us ensure your success.

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Sincere understanding of our company’s needs.

— Barnes Dennig Client, 2022

I have a great team for our company - Steve Bailey, Lauren Huster, and Jessica Fleming are my main contacts. They all are super responsive, listen to my questions and needs and give me very sound advice and guidance.

— Barnes Dennig Client, 2022

We couldn't be happier with the service we receive, and particularly with the knowledge base that our Barnes Dennig team brings to helping us address new topics and issues as they arise.

— Lynda G., Director of Finance

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