Thrive at the Speed of Change

Your innovations drive everyone else’s. That’s what makes technology so exciting.

To stay in the game, your company has to be able to think fast, act fast, run with precision, and strategize like a chess grandmaster.

Accounting and taxes can bog you down. But Barnes Dennig has decades of experience handling them for tech firms, from small start-ups to multinational enterprises.

Year after year, our know-how can free you to stay on top of your game – and top of mind.

Who we help

Our cross-functional team works hand-in-hand with:

  • IT service providers
  • Technology consulting firms
  • Computer software and hardware companies
  • Semiconductor companies
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) providers

From micro to macro

At Barnes Dennig, we’re creative problem solvers. We’re here to listen and to help—on many different levels.

Give us detailed tasks like managing taxes and balancing your books. As we work, we’ll make suggestions:

“I found a way to lower your taxes.”
“You can free up more money in your budget … here’s how.”

Use our insights to inform your strategies. Where you see charts and figures, we see trends and opportunities for you to surge ahead. We’ll work together to build plans that make sense for your business, then adapt them so your goals are always in view.

Services as diverse as your industry

We help technology businesses with:

We stay involved to keep you informed

It takes time to keep up on what’s happening in your industry. We’ll take on that task for you.  Barnes Dennig is an active member of many user groups and technology round tables, as well as:

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What Our Clients Say

“I am highly satisfied with Barnes Dennig.  They are professional and do a great job. Our audit process is always smooth and I don't worry about my taxes being filed on time and appropriately because I know they are on top of our needs.”

– Barnes Dennig Client, 2021

“Barnes Dennig meets or exceeds our expectations in preparing financial statements and offering good advice for year-end tax strategies.”

– Barnes Dennig Client, 2021

"The audit team has always gone above and beyond."

– Kristyn H., Senior Accountant