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From DIY to SOS: When It Comes to Sales Tax, Don’t Go It Alone

Sales tax compliance.

It’s been a challenge for businesses across the country to manage sales tax compliance ever since the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision. Today, there are different sales tax laws in almost every state as well as hundreds of local jurisdictions. And sales tax rates are constantly changing.

Our team of professionals can help give you peace of mind that comes with minimizing your business sales tax burden as well as risk.

Especially Barnes Dennig’s team of state and local tax professionals.

About South Dakota v. Wayfair

This 2018 court case established a law saying that sellers in one state that meet another state’s economic presence threshold (typically $100,000 in sales) must register, collect, and remit sales tax by that state’s economic nexus effective date.

If your company didn’t start charging sales tax when your state’s economic nexus legislation took effect, you could be liable for the unpaid sales tax in every state where you exceeded the economic nexus sales threshold.

Get your sales taxes right the first time around

When you make Barnes Dennig’s tax team your own, you’ll know you’re taxing your customers properly and reporting in the right jurisdictions. Our professionals stay up-to-the-minute on sales tax laws, so you’ll avoid fees and penalties or assessments for uncollected sales tax. That boosts your bottom line. And because sales tax compliance makes RFPs more competitive, you can feel confident about your company’s future.

All the services you need

Barnes Dennig’s sales tax management services include:

  • Vertex sales tax software and compliance management services
  • Nexus evaluation
  • Taxability determination
  • Registrations
  • Tax return preparation and filing
  • Vertex exemption certificate management
  • Assistance with audit defense and notices

Common state and local tax compliance issues – and how to avoid them

Barnes Dennig state and local tax pros Dave Walls and Ryan Lauer outline common compliance issues – and how to make sure you’re in compliance. It’s a lot more than just e-commerce:

Can’t watch the video? Download the transcript. 

Why work with Barnes Dennig?

There’s no company quite like yours. Barnes Denning understands that, and it shows in everything we do.

We have the tax experience and industry insights to manage your complicated sales tax burden. Barnes Dennig professionals are adept at crunching numbers. But we’re even better at seeing beyond the numbers. That means getting to know you as well as your business. Transforming numbers into insights and strategies you can use. Being responsive. Becoming a long-term ally and catalyst for your ongoing success.

Sales tax management is just the beginning.

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– Barnes Dennig Client, 2021

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