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New Construction Compensation Study Gives Insights on Safety Manager Pay

Published on by Ian McManis in Construction

New Construction Compensation Study Gives Insights on Safety Manager Pay

As we shared results of the 2020 Construction Compensation and Benefits Study with participants, many asked how the pandemic had affected the role of safety manager and associated compensation – so we launched a special edition survey to find out.

Construction Compensation Trends

We worked with regional contractors to collect responses from twenty-three (23) general and specialty contractors on Construction Safety Manager compensation data. The data for this report was collected between September 23 and October 24, 2020. The full report survey was conducted in the spring of 2020, and wrapped up data collection just as COVID-19 began to take hold, setting off shockwaves throughout the economy. This special edition supplemental report is presented by Barnes Dennig, USI, and North Side Bank.

For a sneak peek at the findings in the full Safety Manager Special Edition report, check out the summary infographic here, and download the full findings below.

Construction Safety Manager Key Findings


Download a PDF of the full report here.


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