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The Perks of Participating in Compensation and Benefits Research

Published on by Chris Perrino in Firm News

The Perks of Participating in Compensation and Benefits Research

Attracting and retaining qualified talent tops the challenges list across virtually every industry, in both the for-profit and non-profit space, and one of the most powerful tools organizations have to address it is offering a competitive compensation and benefits package. There are a lot of free tools out there you can use to benchmark, but most generalize across industries or geographies. What if there was a current, detailed report specific to your industry and region?

To answer that question, we started our compensation and benefits benchmarking studies more than two decades ago, and now offer them across four of our region’s largest industries: construction, manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, and non-profit.

In fact, later this spring we’ll reveal the results of the 2023 manufacturing study, with an in-depth look at compensation and benefits for 21 manufacturing industry job titles including CEO, vice president of manufacturing, CFO, HR executive, CNC machine operator, certified welder, controller, maintenance technician, and many more.

Later this summer, we’ll do the same research for non-profit organizations.

We’ve heard time and time again how helpful these reports are, and how businesses and non-profits are using them to build a competitive advantage, gaining insights into what benefits are trending, and how other organizations are using them to build a competitive advantage in the war for top talent.

Why participate in industry research?

Everyone’s busy – likely now more than ever before. So why divert your valuable time to participate in industry research? Because as beneficial as the information is in creating competitive advantage and helping your organization grow and thrive, the compensation and benefits studies only work because of one thing: your participation. And the more organizations participate, the more valuable the data becomes for you.

We keep your data confidential – study participants remain anonymous, and the final reports present the findings as averages.

Participant perks

Because we know it’s an investment, we offer some special benefits to organizations that participate in the studies. In addition to VIP access to the exclusive study reveal event, participants receive a customized version of the report – an extra level of insight that lets you compare your data to other similarly sized regional participants – and further hone your competitive edge.

Whether you’re a long-time participant or learning about the compensation and benefits studies for the first time, the value they provide is immense – not only for your organization but for your industry and for the entire region. When you get the invite, please consider participating. It’s an investment that pays off, in more ways than you might imagine.

If you’re not familiar with the compensation and benefits studies, download them for free now. You can also watch the most recent reveal events for construction, manufacturing, wholesale distributors, and non-profits on-demand, and explore thought leadership and exclusive resources for your industry (including our new non-profit toolkit, available at no cost). And if you have a question about participating or about the studies themselves, contact us. As always, we’re here to help.


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