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Relevant, Local Data Makes a Difference for Non-Profits

2021 NFP Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Results Revealed

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

What’s happening with non-profit compensation and benefits?

What key strategies could help you recruit and retain top talent?

What new ideas are moving the needle for other NFPs in our region?

Get the answers to these questions and so many more by joining us as we reveal the 2021 landmark non-profit study on compensation, benefits, retirement plans, governance and other metrics from regional non-profits in a free virtual event sponsored by Barnes Dennig and Hauser Group.

About the Non-Profit Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Report

Now in its 8th Edition, spanning nearly 15 years, this landmark report provides insight into how you can:

  • operate more efficiently
  • govern more effectively
  • attract and retain employees and volunteers

The 2021 Not-for-Profit Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study will help you compare your organization to others in the region. A well-thought-out compensation and benefits package helps not-for-profits like you better fulfill your mission.

The study, report, and findings are made available to the NFP community at no cost by: Barnes Dennig, and the Hauser Group.

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