Women’s Growth and Development

Balancing the Scales: Investing in Women Leaders

Half of all accounting graduates today are women, yet only a small percentage of firm partners are women. We don’t like that math. So, we’re working to change it.

We’re striving to be a leader among accounting firms in attracting, retaining, developing, and advancing women.

Our Women’s Growth and Development Initiative focuses on:

  • Providing an environment that attracts and retains talented women
  • Innovating new career pathways to allow for career flexibility
  • Developing exceptional women leaders of today and tomorrow
  • Creating and facilitating internal and external opportunities for women to network
  • Promoting the skills and experience of our women professionals
  • Spotlighting the growing presence of women decision-makers in business
  • Partnering with local, regional, and national organizations with similar missions

Contact us to learn more about the initiative and how we support all employees along their career paths.