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What’s It Like to Be Part of the Barnes Dennig SOC Reporting Team?

Published on by Regina Akrong, Griffin Dickerson, in Careers, SOC Reports, Video

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Top Barnes Dennig SOC Reporting pros Regina Akrong and Griffin Dickerson unpack what it’s really like to be a member of the Barnes Dennig SOC Reporting team – from internship through management. Regina shares that she chose Barnes Dennig because of the growth opportunities as well as opportunities to network and work with multiple clients across a range of industries. She emphasizes how important it is to build relationships and improve your communication skills, including adapting your communication style to each client.

Then-intern (now full-time SOC Reporting team member) Griffin Dickerson talks about why he chose Barnes Dennig for his internship and how his experience compares to that of his peers. Instead of doing the day-to-day “grunt work,” he’s building real-world experience, communicating with clients and understanding their systems, and not only building knowledge and skills he’ll use throughout his career, but also building the relationships Regina emphasizes. He talks about the flexibility Barnes Dennig offers, so he can continue working while he’s going to school, as well as the sense of p purpose he feels.

Regina advises young professionals to start as interns to assess the work environment, network, and gain experience before committing to a specific career path – because as an intern, you have the opportunity to explore different paths early on, experimenting and exploring different disciplines. 

It’s an eye-opening seven minutes!

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