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Building a Brighter Future – Together

Published on by Jay Rammes, Don Schrodi, in Firm News

Building a Brighter Future – Together

It’s with great pleasure that we announce a historic move for both our firms: Barnes Dennig and Thorn Lewis + Duncan are combining forces effective January 1, 2021.

This merger presents an outstanding opportunity to build on the existing success of both firms and increase the depth and breadth of services we offer. Our two firms have had a great relationship for many years, and our combined forces will help us drive new levels of success for our clients.

How Our Clients Benefit

The merger creates strong synergies in the multiple industries both our firms serve, including manufacturing, construction, real estate, and closely-held businesses. It also expands the breadth of industries for both firms, with Thorn Lewis + Duncan bringing in-depth experience in automobile dealerships and healthcare to Barnes Dennig’s wholesale distribution, transportation and logistics, and not-for-profit practices.

For Barnes Dennig, this merger builds on our existing presence in Dayton, where some of our largest clients are located – as well as some of our newest clients. For Thorn Lewis + Duncan, it opens new doors and gives us the opportunity to harness Barnes Dennig’s leading-edge technology and deliver even better insights for our clients. It empowers Thorn Lewis + Duncan to more effectively carry on the vision and legacy established by our founder, Shareholder Emeritus William T. Thorn.

As our firms come together to build a brighter future, Don Schrodi will join the Barnes Dennig Executive Committee, providing new insights and ideas to the firm’s strategic leadership team.

Building on a Shared History

In addition to being fellow members of accounting firm association Allinial Global, our firms have frequently trained together and referred business to one another. Barnes Dennig has provided tax consulting to Thorn Lewis + Duncan clients, and Thorn Lewis + Duncan has audited Barnes Dennig’s 401(k) plan. Founded in 1985 by Shareholder Emeritus William T. Thorn, Thorn Lewis + Duncan has grown into one of Dayton’s largest accounting firms, providing a full range of accounting and tax services to clients in the Dayton area.

Creating New Career Opportunities

Beyond expanding our industry practices and the services we deliver for our clients, combining our two firms creates outstanding career opportunities. Commitment to employee development is a core value for Barnes Dennig, and has been since our firm was founded more than 50 years ago. Merging our firms together provides a greater scale of operations and opens new doors for team members in both organizations. It enables them to build new skill sets, explore different areas of practice, and work with highly experienced professionals with specialization in different industries.

Have questions or want to know more about the merger and what it means for you and your business or organization?  We’re happy to talk with you, and begin building a brighter future – together.


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