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What Makes Barnes Dennig a Great Next Career Move?

Published on by Jay Rammes in Careers

What Makes Barnes Dennig a Great Next Career Move?

I’ve been with Barnes Dennig for over 25 years now, and I’m so proud to be the Managing Director of such a great organization. For each of those 25 years I was fortunate to be part of an incredible culture that invested in my development and cared that I succeeded.  Now that I am fortunate enough to lead the organization, it is my number one goal to continue that tradition and invest in our people and maintain that culture of caring.

Who is Barnes Dennig, and what do we stand for?

At Barnes Dennig, your career is about a lot more than just the compensation and benefits. It’s about the intangibles that come along with the job, the company principles, and the people you associate with as a member of our team.

Barnes Dennig has three driving principles:

  • Our commitment to our team
  • Our commitment to our clients
  • Our commitment to our community

An underlying driver of all three principles is the concept of development and striving to make things better than they were before.

A strong team

When it comes to commitment to our team, we look for the best people and invest in them, helping them develop their skills and careers and maximize their potential. We give them the tools to succeed – including training, mentoring, guidance, and work experiences that will advance their careers. We know without great people, we can’t serve great clients.

A great career experience

We focus on creating a great experience for our team as well as for our clients, and that includes making sure from day one that our people aren’t just a small piece of the puzzle. Every member of our team is adding value every day as a key component of every engagement with our clients, and that’s true on the assurance side, the tax side, and the consulting side. Whatever you’re doing with us, it’s a meaningful experience that will help you grow and develop your career.

Finding true work-life balance

One of our guiding principles in fulfilling our commitment to our team is the concept of a work-life balance. Our founding partners, Bob Barnes and Al Dennig, left a firm that they felt really did not respect their employees, and they wanted to build something better. Their vision was build a firm that strives to truly partner with their employees to make our combined experience one that challenges us but also rewards us. We recognize that your career is just one part of the overall life of the employee and strive to create an environment that works for each employee to achieve what they define as their own work-life balance.

Commitment to clients

We treat our employees with the highest level of respect and invest in their professional development, which helps us retain our employees at a higher rate than the industry average. That retention rate, in turn, is good for our clients, because it helps us provide consistent service, year after year, with an engagement team that knows them and knows their business – and that brings great value to our clients. Our commitment is to make our clients’ lives easier, and having a great team that knows them helps us do that in two ways:

  • Making our process as efficient and painless as possible for the client
  • Delivering the highest value through the best advice we can provide

Commitment to community

Our third pillar is our commitment to our community. We work to affect change in the community that has continually blessed us. Our community is a mission and calling for those who want to serve on a not-for-profit team and our practice in serving is one of the largest in Cincinnati and growing rapidly in our other markets as well. It’s not just a service line to us; it’s a calling. It’s our commitment to work with organizations efficiently, so they can invest more dollars in their missions.

We continue to further that community involvement through our Outreach Day, an annual day of service where we close our doors and send our team out into the community for a day of giving back.

The big picture

When you think about Barnes Dennig and who we are, it truly is those three pillars and how we bring them to life: the commitment to our team, commitment to our clients, and commitment to our community. And it’s also what can make Barnes Dennig a great next step in your career.

I invite you to explore the opportunities we have available and connect with a member of our recruiting team.


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