DIY SOC Reporting #6 | Robert Ramsay | SOC 2 Security Criteria

DIY SOC Reporting #6 | SOC Reporting Security Criteria

Published on by Robert Ramsay, Bryan Gayhart, in SOC Reports, Video

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In the final episode of the DIY SOC Reporting series, top SOC reporting pros, Robert Ramsay and Bryan Gayhart, dive into security criteria – what they are, how to determine which ones apply to your business, and where to get started. While you can’t complete a SOC report completely on your own (it’s an audit, and must be completed by an independent auditor), there’s a lot you can do to prepare so that the process is easier and more cost-effective for you and your team. If you’ve missed any episodes, be sure to check out the entire playlist.

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If you’re getting ready for your first SOC report, the DIY SOC reporting series can help. You can also contact us for a free consultation with one of our top SOC reporting pros. We’re here to help.



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