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Increased 401(k) Contribution Limits Present Opportunities for Employers

Published on by Matt Rosen in Benefit Plan Audits

Increased 401(k) Contribution Limits Present Opportunities for Employers

The IRS has increased the annual 401(k) contribution limits for 2019. The annual contribution limit was increased $500, to $19,000. The catch-up contribution limit remains unchanged at $6,000, resulting in a total contribution limit of $25,000 for individuals over the age of 50. Additionally, the annual compensation limit was increased, from $275,000, to $280,000 for 2019. The IRS has also increased the defined 415(c) contribution limit for 2019. The defined contribution limit was increased $1,000, to $56,000.

The full listing of contribution and compensation limits can be found at the IRS website here.

While companies review their payroll systems to program in the new limits, Barnes Dennig recommends that they also take the opportunity to review their plan document definition of compensation eligible for deferrals, and verify that it is consistent with how the payroll system is calculating the deferrals. As new pay codes are utilized, payroll systems are changed, or the plan is restated, there are many opportunities for errors. The most common errors that we see are related to bonuses, over-time and paid time off. The incorrect application of plan compensation continues to be a common error identified by the regulators as well as in our audits. These errors can result in significant corrections as the Company can be required to reimburse the plan for a portion of the missed deferrals and the associated employer matching contributions.

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