Inspirational Stories from Distributors Across the Country

Inspirational Stories from Distributors Across the Country

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Inspirational Stories from Distributors Across the Country

UnleashWD founder Dirk Beveridge has a passion for distribution.

And now he’s created an innovative way to share his passion – the “We Supply America” campaign.  During this campaign, Beveridge and his team are embarking on a 3-month tour across America, traveling from location to location in a “We Supply America” RV.  Beveridge and his video crew are stopping in different cities across the U.S. to meet with local distributors and discuss ways to revolutionize the industry.  The main goal: tell the inspirational stories and lessons shared by real people and real distributors from across America.

They’ve been on the road for three weeks now and have already traveled over 3,000 miles! “3 weeks. 3,000 miles. 30 memories…,” Beveridge said. “A mile from my 36-hour resting place at the KOA somewhere in New Hampshire on day 22 of the We Supply America tour, we rolled over to 3,000 miles. And we are just getting started!!”

Beveridge said the team has seen one major theme throughout each distribution company so far: “The most important aspect of your business isn’t your products. It’s your people.  The distributors I’ve met on the road have taken this message to heart. They live and breathe their business, of course. But they value their employees above all else – especially during COVID.”

Beveridge is planning on sharing the experiences with everyone who will listen.  His team is planning on producing eight episodes of his journey.  “Every episode is full of lessons that are transferable to what you and your team do every day.  We’ll provide a downloadable kit each week to guide individual reflection and group discussion to lift and shift all the lessons into your business.”  Watch as Beveridge travels across the country in the We Supply America RV.  The first episode in the docuseries premieres on air Thursday, July 8th.  One of the featured distribution companies that Beveridge is going to highlight is from our very own Cincinnati backyard – Wiseway Supply!

You can follow the journey as it happens – Beveridge posts updates to LinkedIn on a regular basis! Check it out here!

To tune in and to find additional information, visit the “We Supply America” website.

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