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Report Summary

As expected, no industry is untouched by the effects of the global pandemic, and while the issues that affect them most vary, some concerns are universal. Economic recovery time, the financial stability of customers and vendors, and employee issues top the list. PPP loan forgiveness is on the radar, but lower-than-expected average levels of concern show it’s not the most compelling challenge.

While some industries are facing devastating declines in the near term, others have identified new market needs and are experiencing significant growth and business expansion. And despite dramatic changes in business operations, morale is either very stable or on the upswing for the majority of survey respondents.

If you’re experiencing a business challenge, concerned about PPP loan forgiveness, or need expert guidance to navigate the way ahead in the restart econom,  contact us – we’re here to help.

Survey Methodology

We surveyed 400 business and organizational leaders, asking 9 questions about business growth or decline, revenue forecasting for the remaining quarters of the year compared to 2019 levels, PPP loans, and their top concerns for the coming 12 months. Questions included multiple choice, sliding scale, matrix, and open-text field questions.

Participants completed the survey online, and were given the opportunity to make additional comments on their concerns, how they’ve changed their operations, and new market needs they’ve identified. Responses are confidential.

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