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Are You Prepared to Handle Your Organization’s Future?

Published on by Ian McManis in Not-for-Profit

Are You Prepared to Handle Your Organization’s Future?

How competitive are your benefits with other non-profits in our area? Is the compensation you’re offering enough to help you recruit and retain the best talent? What innovative approaches are other organizations taking to fundraising? What goals and roles do other organizations task their board with?

If you’ve been asking yourself and your leadership team these questions, our non-profit compensation, benefits & benchmarking study can help you put all of the pieces together by diving deeper into these trends and much more.

What key strategies could help you recruit and retain top talent? What new ideas are moving the needle for other non-profits in our region? Take part in the 2023 regional non-profit study on compensation, benefits, and operations and get superior insights into key strategies for recruiting and retention, fresh ideas for fundraising, and board utilization and support.

Why participate?

  • Directly compare your data to other regional, similarly-sized non-profits, to strategize for the future
  • Identify key strategies could help you recruit and retain top talent
  • Survey participants remain anonymous, and results are presented as averages. We partner with MRA to administer the survey via a secure, private link.
  • Participants get a first look at the trends during our fall reveal event
  • Time is limited. The survey deadline is September 8, 2023. Don’t miss out on these game-changing insights!

Get your private link to participate by emailing Ian McManis at

Want to know more?

Our 2021 study of nearly one hundred regional non-profit organizations found:

  • Staffing was expected to remain the same except for healthcare organizations, who anticipated increases.
  • Salaries for executive directors/presidents/CEOs ranged from a low of $94,383 to a high of $208,958, with an average of $141,527.
  • Over the past three years, non-profits have reported an average annual premium increase between 8-12%.
  • Board committees vary greatly with the most common being executive, finance, and development.
  • 75% of all audit committees have CPAs as members.

This 50-plus page report looks at organizations with fewer than 10 employees to those that have more than 200 employees. Respondents work with small budgets under $2.5 million and budgets over $10 million. You can get a copy of the 2021 report on our website.

If you want the most up-to-date data on regional non-profit compensation and benefits, get your private link to participate in the 2023 study today.


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