Celebrating 50 Years of “All-Star” Accounting. Our clients and our team have helped us lead the league since 1965. Click here to see the milestones and memorable moments we’ve shared with you!

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Our tax team understands that successful tax planning requires more than meeting once in December. We work proactively with our clients throughout the year to ensure they receive the benefit of all tax credit, incentives and deductions available to them.

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Many of our growth-driven clients face the realities of a global economy on a daily basis. We invest in specialized training focused on international accounting and tax matters, and have connections to help facilitate introductions and provide resources.

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Constant changes in technology require constant monitoring of systems controls. We conduct a custom designed Information Systems Controls Checkup tailored to your organization and Service Organization Controls (SOC) Reports to ensure your data is secure.

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Barnes Dennig has earned a reputation for outstanding client service – as illustrated by the number of national and local awards for innovation, responsiveness and overall satisfaction.

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About Barnes Dennig

Barnes Dennig has earned a reputation for outstanding accounting, tax and advisory services – as illustrated by the number of national and local awards for innovation, responsiveness and overall satisfaction. Highly-specialized professionals with expertise in assurance, internal controls, international tax and numerous other disciplines provide insight and ideas to business owners in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  See why we are the right answer for middle-market, closely-held businesses.


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    September 16 - Featuring the Prophet of Profit, Al Bates  Click here to register
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From the Blog

    • 27Aug
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      Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Program – Round Four Roll Out Soon

      The Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Program is an employer driven program designed to provide direct financial assistance to train workers and improve the economic competitiveness of Ohio’s employers. The ultimate goal of this program is to allow employees to retain and grow their existing Ohio workforce and create a statewide workforce that can meet the present and future demands in this changing economy.
    • 26Aug
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      Ohio Taxpayer Prevails – SERP Payments Not Taxable by Ohio City

      William E. MacDonald's employer offered a supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP) for its executives. MacDonald made a plan election to receive periodic annuity payments throughout retirement, rather than a lump sum. Accordingly, MacDonald’s W-2 presented the present value of his future annuity payments as Medicare wages and excluded this amount in local wages.
    • 25Aug
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      Are You Paying Unnecessary Taxes on Your Fuel?

      If your business purchases fuel to power vehicles and equipment for off-road activities, you may be eligible for a substantial tax refund. For every gallon of fuel purchased, there is a federal tax included in the cost. This tax is used to fund state highway production and other infrastructure improvements and maintenance.
    • 13Aug
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      Three Factor Multi-State Tax Compact vs. Texas One Factor Apportionment

      On July 28, 2015, the Texas Third Court of Appeals in Austin set a precedent regarding the use of the Multistate Tax Compact. The Appellate court ruled in favor of the state of Texas, requiring all Texas franchise tax return filers to use the statutory single-factor apportionment formula based on gross receipts.