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Thrive: Non-Profit Success Stories #7 | Bringing Struggling Non-Profits Back from the Brink

Published on by Patrick Frambes, Christa Woelfel, in Not-for-Profit, Video

Can’t watch the video? Get the transcript. Running a non-profit isn’t easy – and sometimes issues arise that can threaten the organization’s very existence. In the final episode of our Thrive Non-Profit Success Stories series, Non-Profit Director Patrick Frambes and Non-Profit Manager Christa Woelfel share strategies and successes of bringing struggling non-profits back from the brink. If you’ve missed any episodes of the series, why not catch up now

You may also be interested in the Non-Profit Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Report, which features information and insights from non-profits of all sizes across our region. Find out what benefits are trending, what various positions pay, and how non-profits are attracting and retaining talent in a tough market.

Other resources include our new Non-Profit Toolkit, packed with resources and information to help your organization thrive, a video overview of Form 990 – and how you can use it as a tool to tell your story and attract donors and grantors.

With one of the largest non-profit practices in our region, we’re proud to help our non-profit clients further their missions, make the most of resources, and build a better, brighter future where we all can thrive. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our top non-profit pros.


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