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Past, Present and Future: How Contractors Succeed and Which Trends are Emerging for the Future

Indiana Construction Annual Seminar

Friday, February 7th, 2020

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Numerous contractors, from small to large, struggle to keep existing clients and maintain a foothold. However, others gain traction, build backlogs, run profitably and penetrate new areas of specialization. So what is their secret? Why do some companies do well while others just barely survive? FMI presents several case studies and distill the relevant factors that make these companies unique and successful.

Join FMI’s Jay Bowman for a fast-paced presentation as we aim to:
  • Understand the business imperatives for surviving in the construction industry
  • Recognize the common mistakes contractors make
  • Build a company fit for the next challenge

Jay gives an outlook on the economic forecast and the trends that are driving the future of our industry.

About the Speaker

John “Jay” N. Bowman is a principal with FMI. He assists a broad range of stakeholders in the construction industry, from program managers and general contractors to specialty trades and materials producers, with the identification and assessment of the risks influencing the strategic and tactical decisions they face. In this role, Jay’s primary responsibilities include research design and interpretation, based on developing an understanding of the context within which these organizations operate. These draw upon many of the research services he oversees, including market sizing and forecasting, buying practices and preferences and competitive behaviors and response.

Publications to Jay’s credit include: FMI’s annual U.S. Markets Construction Overview, “Influencers in Construction,” “Assessing Your Alternatives: Should we expand the business?,” “Incorporating Customer Perceptions in Strategy Development” and “Conditions Ripe for Increased Use of Program Management.


This event is presented by Barnes Dennig, Frost Brown Todd and USI Insurance.

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