Why You Should Care about Subcontractor Pre-qualification

Does your construction firm commonly subcontract work to other contractors? Have you properly vetted these subcontractors – not just the quality of their work, but their ability to perform financially? If not, you could be leaving your firm susceptible to an unnecessary amount of business risk. Pre-qualifying subcontractors is an

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The Advantages of a Self-Funded Insurance Plan

Self-funded insurance has been a hot topic for the past few years amongst employers. As companies look to reduce the inflating cost of health care, it has become a tool to take control of their expenses rather than submitting to steadily increasing premiums. A self-funded plan puts the cost of

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Recap: How do Your Salary & Benefits Stack Up?

In autumn of 2014, Barnes Dennig and USI surveyed local contractors about salary, benefits and other benchmarking data, and released the findings in a roundtable discussion at the Cintas Center. During the discussion, we reported promising signs for the national, regional, and local construction industry at our reveal of the

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