A Streamlined Big Picture | Video Transcript | OH IN KY

Andy Bertke, CPA & PFS | Director
Beth Germann, CPA & PFS | Tax Manager

Andy Bertke: Looking at a deduction for somebody such as with an HSA, right off the bat, we’re getting them (in the highest tax bracket) we’ve already got them a 37% return on that deduction. That’s a home run, in a lot of cases. I mean, just starting out of the gate with a return on investment by the tax break that we saw, and we took advantage of, and advised our clients in doing that.

Beth Germann: I think that’s true. It’s really part of being a trusted advisor. I think when we’re doing tax planning inherently, that lends it to being able to do financial planning and future planning for clients. I know sometimes, Andy, we have situations where we’re working with a client’s financial advisor and there are maybe complications between talking to us, making sure we’re all on the same page, whether it’s with withholding planning or capital gains planning. Is there a spot where you really feel like, if we can do that all under one roof, there’s a benefit?

Andy Bertke: Absolutely. Having this service under one roof, so to speak, it’s not, “Well, go ask your tax advisor,” we’re here, that talent is here. Or go ask your investment advisor. Well, we have that talent as well. And to have that in a turnkey fashion, what a great service for a client. They’re not running around trying to coordinate a bunch of people to make a decision. We’ll do that for you. Of the hub and spoke, we’ll be the hub. We will take care of all of those situations in which we’ve got to bring in other talent. And again, most of it the tax and the investment talent is under one roof.

Beth Germann: Again, I feel like having a financial advisor, who is also a CPA, really lends a client to the possibilities of
streamlining their planning for future wealth growth, future investment planning, and we really have the advantage of knowing what your current goals are and how that will project into the future.

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The excellent work provided to us by Agnes Spoelker – always great work with our best interests her main goal. She brought us in to work with George Sparks and we are very happy with his work also. We feel that we have a team that communicates with each other and provides excellent work.

— Barnes Dennig Client, 2022

They are extremely responsive and take care of me and my family.

— Greg S., Client

Barnes Dennig worked quickly to understand my needs, set a reasonable timeline for producing the work, and delivered on the commitments that they made.

— Jeffrey B., Founder & CEO
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