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Patrick Frambes & Christa Woelfel

Patrick Frambes: Yeah. So the next thing I wanted to talk about was just the transitions that we’ve had within our own
staffing to create opportunity for others that have maybe worked beneath you on jobs to take over responsibilities and have you step into different roles from that standpoint on our clients. And I know you’ve done a great job of mentoring our staff to be able to take on some more responsibilities within that client base, but also being there and being available. So maybe talk through what that process was like with you and partnering with our younger staff to be able to take on more responsibility and give you different responsibilities, too.

Christa Woelfel: Absolutely. So it’s the nature of the public accounting. You move up, so there’s always got to be people underneath of you can take over your roles. So I know at Barnes, we just do a really good job at staying connected internally as a firm. I feel like we have good relationships with everybody we work with, which makes the mentoring pretty easy. You want to help them grow. So as you help them grow on jobs, I know each year, we just give them more and more. And now it’s to the point where I’m rolling off some jobs completely, and the people under me are doing a great job. It’s a seamless transition, it seems like every year, where they just start to take over. I’m still there for questions, of course. Don’t just throw them over shore. But I’m there for questions and they take over.

Patrick Frambes: Well, I think that’s a great testament to you that you are available. You’re not just leaving this client to be serviced by somebody else. And I think a good example of that was the one that we had recently where something happened, where the staff we were transitioning, that client too had some family issues. So something happened, they couldn’t be at field work. So appreciate that you, and I as well, came and stepped in and were there to supervise the staff in the field work. And I know you’re still involved, making sure that audit gets wrapped up, too.

Christa Woelfel: Yep. Definitely. And even with him not being able to be at field work, it still went smoothly with him leading some communications with the client. I was there in-person talking with the client. So it still went very smooth.

Patrick Frambes: Absolutely. Well, it helps when the client’s very organized.

Christa Woelfel: Yes.

Patrick Frambes: So that’s always a good one to.

Christa Woelfel: That’s a nice, clean client.

Patrick Frambes: Yep. That’s a good one to help with the smooth transition.

Christa Woelfel: Definitely.

Patrick Frambes: But good.

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Barnes Dennig is a 2019-2022 Best of Accounting Firm
Best of Accounting 2023

Patrick Frambes and the audit team have always been helpful and patient with us as we go through our annual independent audits. Brad Chaffin along with Patrick provide a concise overview of the audit to our Finance Committee after the audits are complete. The audit team work diligently to make sure all audit questions are clearly understood and that they confirm the information prior to providing the final audit.

— Barnes Dennig Client, 2022

I have had years of great experience, and find this firm to be an excellent resource. I am a small nonprofit and my audit team has spent a lot of time teaching me how to manage our financials thoroughly, ethically, and accurately. I really appreciate what they have shared with us. I have found great value in them.

— Jenny O., CEO

We moved to using Barnes Dennig as our audit firm almost three years ago, and we frequently remark that it is one of the best decisions we've ever made. The team that we work with is incredibly knowledgeable about not-for-profit organizations, and they have been a terrific resource for our finance and leadership team -- especially in a season of growth for our organization.

— Lynda G., Director of Finance
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