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Why Charitable Solicitation Registration is Crucial for Not-for-Profits

Published on by Cheryl Ganim in Not-for-Profit, Tax Services

Why Charitable Solicitation Registration is Crucial for Not-for-Profits

Are you sure you have the proper state registrations to solicit donations? To protect their citizens, states want to know about the not-for-profits that are soliciting donations in their state. Most states require a not-for-profit to register with a state agency before they solicit donations in their state. Meeting the definition of “charitable solicitation” is a very low bar, and is easy to cross. States are moving towards increased regulation. 41 States and the District of Columbia require registration for Charitable Solicitation. This requirement is triggered by soliciting, not the receipt, of funds, and this does include online fundraising. Agencies now have CPAs and attorneys on staff full-time to audit, investigate, and prosecute violations of charitable solicitation laws.

Barnes Dennig’s Not-for-Profit team can help you and your organization avoid potential penalties and provide peace of mind.

Please see the attached brochure for more information. If your organization asks for donations, but you are not sure you have all of the proper registrations to solicit, please contact us below, or give us a call at 513-241-8313 to see if we can help.

Resources for Not-for-Profit Leaders

Download the Charitable Solicitation Registration Checklist.

Contact the Barnes Dennig Not-for-Profit Team.


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