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Key Findings | Business Barometer Manufacturing Edition

Published on by Chad Martin in Consulting, Manufacturing

Key Findings | Business Barometer Manufacturing Edition


To better understand COVID-19’s impact on the manufacturing industry in our region, we surveyed manufacturers across a wide range of industry segments on topics ranging from the impact on their supply chains to how they’ve been able to adapt in a radically changed landscape. Here are the results – including some inspiring business reinventions to spark new ideas and insights for your business.


Key Findings

Respondents represent more than a dozen manufacturing industry segments, ranging from automotive, aerospace, and chemical to transportation equipment, construction, and specialty steel manufacturing, with the highest concentration in the industrial and commercial, fabricated metal, aerospace, and automotive categories.


86 regional manufacturers completed our survey in November and December 2020, answering 12 key questions about business growth or decline, new market opportunities identified, supply chain disruptions and their impact, staffing, morale, and productivity. Questions included multiple choice and open-ended questions.

Participants completed the survey online and were given the opportunity to make additional comments on their concerns, how they’ve changed their operations, and new market needs they’ve identified – and how they capitalized on them. Responses are anonymized and confidential.

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