Non-Profit Compensation and Benefits Study Results Revealed

How Compensation, Benefits, and Diversity are Changing the Non-Profit Workplace

2023 Non-Profit Compensation & Benefits Survey Results Revealed

Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

How competitive are your benefits with other non-profits in our area? What innovative approaches are other organizations taking to fundraising? What goals and roles do other organizations task their board with? How can we ensure that all employees feel like they belong at work?

If you’ve been asking yourself and your leadership team these questions, join us for this exclusive on-demand event where we’ll cover:

  • What key strategies could help you recruit and retain top talent
  • What new ideas are moving the needle for other non-profits in our region
  • How we can be intentional about prioritizing diversity in our recruitment practices

We’ll go over the key trends from this year’s study, then dive into a keynote session on the best practices in the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging space related to recruitment and retention in the workplace.

This event and the survey report are offered to the non-profit community free of charge by Barnes Dennig and Hauser.

About the Keynote Speaker

Michelle Hyde MRAThe word most often used to describe Michelle Hyde is enthusiastic. Whether discussing the importance of a respectful workplace or the new novel she can’t put down, there’s no doubt Michelle’s enthusiasm for training and development will spark new ideas for your organization. A seasoned storyteller, Michelle will keep you and your team energized and engaged.

Michelle’s expertise includes diversity and inclusion, employee experience, coaching, and event planning. She skillfully facilitates difficult conversations while optimizing learning through current training methods, active engagement, and tailoring to the needs of an individual. Her broad-based industry experience includes national non-profits, financial services, manufacturing, and higher education.

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