Webinar New Tax Climate | Optimizing Sale of Business | OH IN KY

The Winds of Change – What You Need to Know about the New Tax Climate

2021 Tax Team Signature Event

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

What changes can we expect in the tax code – and what can you do to be ready for them?

In this landmark lightning round event, top tax pros from Barnes Dennig unpack key issues, what they could mean for you, and what you can do now to get ahead of the game. Our team covers:

  • Optimizing the Sale of a Business – Strategies to Maximize Value and Minimize Tax
  • State and Local Tax – What You Need to Know about Nexus (it’s a lot more than e-commerce)
  • Employee Retention Tax Credit – Is your business eligible? When, and for how much?
  • Investment Strategies and Tax Implications (wealth management)
  • New Tax Laws – What’s Coming, What’s Going, and When
  • International Outlook

Didn’t get to attend the live event? Ask a question – our tax pros are here to help.


Event presenters include leading experts from across our tax practice:

  • Andy Bertke – Director
  • Scott Cress – Director
  • Beth Germann – Manager
  • Mark Hamad – Senior Manager
  • Laura Hunter – Senior Manager
  • Ellen Juram – Director
  • Ryan Lauer – Senior Manager
  • Michael O’Hara – Manager
  • David Phelps – Director and Tax Practice Leader
  • Christina Sensenbrenner – Director
  • Reid Schlotterbeck – Director
  • Dave Walls – Principal


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