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Why Nonprofit Culture Eats Philanthropy for Breakfast

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Why Nonprofit Culture Eats Philanthropy for Breakfast
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If you are a non-profit senior executive, development professional or board leader, make sure that you “get the culture within your organization straight in order for it to show on your work and for your donors to believe in your cause.”

On June 5th, for the 17th Annual Non-Profit Leadership Summit, Barnes Dennig welcomed Kishshana Palmer.  She’s a Certified Fundraising Executive with a 16-year background in fundraising, marketing, and talent management that through a very charismatic and animated presentation, made sure to illustrate that having a well-defined culture is the foundation for transformational leadership and fundraising within a nonprofit organization.

The presentation, titled “Culture Eats Philanthropy for Breakfast,” was a highly interactive discussion that touched on the following key points:

  • The importance of a clear organizational strategy and culture in the operations of a nonprofit
  • How Establishing a vision and values are key when creating a healthy organizational culture
  • What is emotional intelligence and how to use it to establish a healthy organizational culture for the success of your organization

The audience was kept on their toes with Kishshana’s individual and group exercises.  The presentation also allowed plenty of room to address questions from the audience that varied from how to prevent culture toxicity to how to better engage current and potential donors.

Additional Resources

For the full presentation, materials and further information on the speaker, visit our events page here.

If you have any questions, please have a member of our non-profit team contact you here.


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