Participation for the 2018 Wholesale / Distribution Compensation, Benefits and Benchmarking Study is now open for all companies in the wholesale and/ or distribution industries. This comprehensive study is conducted every other year and provides invaluable benchmarking metrics to regional companies that operate in the industry, including:

  • How your company’s compensation structure compares to other distributors
  • Benefit offerings – Are yours competitive?
  • How your financial metrics stack up with other distributors
Wholesale Benchmarking Study
Request the 2018 Comp Study

In 2016, 32% of the participants said that the workforce was the top issue facing their company. We expect this to remain a top issue, and this one of a kind report will help you understand how your compensation and benefits structure stacks up against other wholesale distributors in the region. Each participating company receives a customized report with all of the raw data for further analysis.

What’s covered in the report?

  • General information on the makeup of the participants
  • Key issues facing the wholesale distribution industry
  • Financial metrics
  • Salaries and benefits of key positions
  • Incentive plans
  • Benefit packages

What else do I need to know?

  • Only participants receive a complimentary, customized copy of the report with the (anonymous) raw data to further benchmark just how to supply success at your company.
  • Participants can compare answers directly to other local, similarly-sized participants. The results will help you chart a strategic course for the coming years, including understanding how your compensation and benefits structure can help you attract and retain employees.
  • Survey participants will remain anonymous. The final report will present the findings as averages.
  • Contact Bryan Gayhart via email, or by calling 513-241-8313 to obtain a participation link
  • Register for the Roundtable Event on October 23 here, where we reveal the results, and
  • There is no cost to attend the seminar for you or anyone else in your company