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WA Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction program through June 30

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WA Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction program through June 30

For a limited time, through June 30, 2018, Washington State is offering a B&O Tax Penalty Abatement Program

Economic nexus for sales tax and Washington’s 2018 collection requirement for out of state sellers.

  • The state of Washington has a limited time opportunity for penalty abatement through the Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction program. You cannot apply online if you have already been contacted, but can apply through a tax agent. Up to 39% of the penalties can be waived. WA does not typically remove penalties for ignorance of law, etc., and penalties are high at 39%.
  • Marketplace Fairness Penalty Reduction Program
    • 5% unregistered business penalty.
    • 29% late payment on return penalty.
    • 5% assessment penalty if assessment > $1,000.
  • Companies with > $58,000 in annual gross sales must file monthly B&O tax returns.

Economic nexus threshold for B&O tax is $267,000 in sales, but economic nexus threshold for retail sales tax is $10,000.

Beginning January 1, 2018, remote sellers making $10,000 or more in retail sales to Washington purchasers must either:

  • Collect and remit sales/use tax on sales to Washington purchasers
  • Follow the use tax notice and reporting requirements explained below (The reporting requirements have vigorous rules).

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