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Using the Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops Program for your Benefit

Published on by Scott Cress in Tax Services

Using the Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops Program for your Benefit

The Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops Program (OMIC) is an investment of state and private dollars to increase the number of internships and co-ops for employers and students in key industries to close the skills gap, increase student completion and give Ohio a competitive advantage in the global human capital talent marketplace.

The goal of OMIC is to “develop sustainable structures for the preparation of students, who are work ready when they graduate, engage businesses in the higher education system as talent investors and assist institutions of higher education to be responsive to the needs of students and business”.

If your business hires a student from a participating school in Ohio, and the student was utilizing the internship for class credit, your company may be eligible to receive state reimbursement. The reimbursement amount would be based on the total hours that student worked. Essentially, if the student worked under a certain hour mark, the reimbursement would be $1,500 and if that student worked over a certain hour mark, it would be $3,000.

Internships and Co-ops remain one of the best ways to invest in the pipeline of talent coming out of the collegiate atmosphere. Several of the directors at Barnes Dennig started with the company as co-ops or interns.

Visit the OMIC website, to learn more about the benefits of employing Interns and Co-ops, and to see if you qualify for the reimbursement: https://www.ohiohighered.org/omic


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