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Summary of Not-for-Profit Annual Seminar

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Summary of Not-for-Profit Annual Seminar

On November 16, 2016 Barnes Dennig welcomed Tom Bakewell for the annual Not-for-Profit seminar. Tom is a skilled attorney and CPA who has consulted for a variety of large for profit and nonprofit organization. Some of the key points of the presentation titled, “Getting Strategy Just Right: Board and Management Together”, were as follows:

  • How to develop a strategy that will help your organization succeed
  • Why strategy is so important to success
  • How to make sure that management and the board are working together
  • How to adapt to unforeseen events inside and outside of your organization
  • How to realize that a change is needed in your strategic plan and how to make the necessary changes

The presentation concludes following a variety of case studies in which Tom shows how real world organizations saw some very real problems and how they met those problems with the correct form of action in order to get back on the right track. If you would like to see the presentation in full please visit our event page here.

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