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SOC Reports – Montana

Montana business owners need to ensure sensitive data is protected, especially when it comes to personally identifiable information (PII).  Ensuring the company has robust internal controls and practices in place to protect against a breach is essential. Many may expect to see a System Organization Control (SOC) Audit report before working with a provider. This examination verifies that the tools, processes, and procedures have been tested and are effective. Some may desire a SOC 1 audit, while others will obtain more value from a SOC 2 examination or SOC 3 audit. Whatever the desired level of assurance, it is important to work with an experienced provider to drive the process.

Montana SOC 2 Experience

Barnes Dennig provides SOC audits to Montana area companies in a variety of industries. Typically, we work with those that use or store sensitive financial information including data centers, loan servicing companies, medical claims processors, and payroll companies. Our diverse range of experience permits us to understand the company more easily, it is risk profile, areas of exposure, and important testing variables. The result is a SOC audit with more value because our seasoned team knows the right questions to ask and the importance of following best practices.

SOC Reporting FAQ

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Montana SOC Audits

Barnes Dennig offers several SOC Audit services including:

  • SOC 1 Audits – The reports assure your clients that internal controls are secure. These audits focus on your organization’s business processes and IT controls. Any that are likely to be relevant to an audit of your customers’ financial statements are documented in the report. There are two types of SOC reports: Type 1 reports test the design of your organization’s controls. Type 2 reports test whether your controls are properly designed and implemented.
  • SOC 2 Audits – These reports concentrate on five Trust Services Principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. SOC 2’s requirements allow data providers to decide how they want to meet the criteria. This flexibility means SOC 2 reports are unique to each company.
  • SOC 3 Audits – Similar to SOC 2 reports in that they examine the same five Trust Services Principles, the results of the audit are publicly available.
  • SOC Readiness Assessments – These assessments provide an overview of your organization’s preparedness for a successful SOC 1, 2, 3, or Cybersecurity audit.

Serving Client Remotely

Barnes Dennig works with companies in Montana and across the U.S., and Canada providing SOC 1 reports, SOC 2 reports, and SOC 3 reports. To demonstrate this, we have provided a map of client locations.

Contact our Montana SOC Auditors

Barnes Dennig provides SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 audits and readiness assessments to companies in Montana. If you are interested in learning how we can assist your organization, complete the form below or call us at 800-430-4731 for assistance.


About Montana (MT)

The Montana business community is a significant driver of the state’s economy, consisting of a diverse array of industries and sectors. Agriculture is deeply rooted in Montana’s heritage, with ranching and farming playing a central role. The state produces a variety of crops, including wheat, barley, and pulse crops, along with cattle ranching. Agriculture contributes to both the state’s economy and its cultural identity.

Energy production is another crucial aspect of Montana’s business community. The state is known for its coal reserves and also participates in natural gas and renewable energy production, such as wind and solar power. Tourism is a major contributor to Montana’s economy, with its stunning landscapes, national parks like Glacier and Yellowstone, and outdoor recreational activities attracting visitors year-round. This industry supports businesses in hospitality, outdoor recreation, and retail.

Montana’s technology and innovation sector is growing, with efforts to attract tech companies and startups. The state’s universities and research institutions contribute to research and innovation. Small businesses are widespread throughout the state, providing goods and services to local communities and fostering economic diversity.

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