Network Security Assessment

Stopping Unauthorized Access to Your Data

Stories where a company’s computer system is hacked make news headlines much too frequently. Company data and customer information is suddenly published online or held for ransom. Do you know that your network is secure? Can unauthorized users gain access? You have to understand your vulnerabilities and risks to protect your working environment.

Companies need to secure their networks, and that requires more than a firewall and anti-spam software. When testing your network security, we’ll look at policies and procedures related to:

  • Configuration
  • Password usage
  • Updated virus protection
  • Known vulnerability scanning

Our findings and recommendations report will include the detailed steps taken and the sample resulting from the testing. We’ll share assumptions about the people and infrastructure that are important parts of the security process.

Certifications: Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)

Network Security Experience: We help business owners understand the gaps that exist in their network security. Our certified IT professionals can find vulnerabilities in your system and help you strengthen them so you can trust in your information systems.

The survival of your business may very well depend on your network security. We can help you prevent unauthorized access into your systems. Contact us to learn how.